The Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) 2015 annual meeting was held on February 25th – 28th in Philadelphia, USA. This was the SRNT’s 21st annual meeting, aimed at a wide audience of those involved in the research of nicotine and tobacco, including clinical, policy and public health scientists from academia, government and industry.

SRNT conference picture 1

Above: Sophie Orton

Conference theme

There were 1236 delegates attending this year’s conference. The programme included a diverse range of concurrent parallel sessions sharing important new research and clinical data on the effects of nicotine and tobacco, highlighting recent advances and international research on tobacco control. A particular focus of presentations at this years’ conference were e-cigarettes, which are an important and developing area of research within tobacco control and provided some really interesting sessions.

Our presentations

Whilst at the conference, we were able to present our SPCR-funded doctoral research; I presented work on the prevalence and determinants of smoking in the home after childbirth, and Kate presented her work on nicotine metabolism during pregnancy. These were presented during the ‘rapid-fire’ poster session, which was a collection of the most up to date research findings that had not been available at the earlier submission deadline. This poster session was an excellent networking opportunity; we both had lots of interest in our work, with questions and discussions with other international researchers. As most of the other research presented at the SRNT conference was based in the USA, there was a lot of interest in our findings from within UK populations and how this compared internationally. This session was really useful, and we both gained a lot from having the opportunity to discuss our research in a friendly environment, and to make contact with people doing similar research in the USA.

SRNT conference picture 2

Above: Katharine Bowker

Overall, the SRNT 2015 meeting was very well organised, with a relaxed and friendly environment. The conference delivered a really interesting programme, and was a great place to learn more about research that is being conducted internationally. Whilst in Philadelphia, we also took the opportunity to do some sight-seeing, and really enjoyed having the chance to explore the city!

SRNT conference picture 3

Sophie Orton and Katharine Bowker are doctoral students at the University of Nottingham

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